Kindergarten Classroom

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Kindergarten Classroom

By: JocelynBurke

The Kindergarten classroom was designed to maximize the space and create several distinct areas for the children to work within the room. Utilizing pillows and lowering tables gives young students the opportunity to work on the ground and provides the space for a larger bulletin board above the shortened tables. The back of a bookcase was painted with magnetic paint to transform into a "magnetic alphabet" for building words. An easel was covered with chalkboard paint on one side to allow for chalk writing and art on one side, and painting on the other. Unused space underneath the stairs was converted into a "bat cave" that students could explore with head lamps during out bat theme of study; the cave included bat skeletons, model bats, examples of foods and insects that bats eat, pictures of real caves, and more. Teacher shelves were covered with a shower curtain map of the world to maximize student learning space. The loft of the classroom was turned into a "tree house" and provides the Kindergartners a special space for dramatic play. The children are able to practice reading or participate in dramatic play activities on upcycled tires that have been turned into children's seats. Fine motor work tubs were created to be portable so that these activities could be moved by the children and done in different areas of the classroom. Many teachers within our school have contributed to the design of the classroom as different individuals have taught in this room and built on what prior teachers had set up. Connections with other teachers via social media and Pinterest completed the classroom design. Groups like #kinderchat have made connections among teachers across the globe possible, and the idea sharing and learning between teachers benefits students worldwide. Distinct learning spaces (writing center, math center, science center, art center, dramatic play) and these creative ways for maximizing space in the classroom allow the Kindergarteners to move, create, learn, and explore in engaging and developmentally appropriate ways. The bright, inviting space creates the environment for joyful learning in our classroom every day.

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